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This Year's Special Services and Celebrations - 2017-2018


Sunday morning worship services are at 11 am each week, and Rev. Carlos R. Martinez is the Sunday preacher unless a guest is noted.  (This list is updated periodically.)  In the year ahead, we have the following special celebrations or themes:

The 2017/2018 schedule includes.


October 22 - We the People - UN & Global Affairs Committee

On the United Nations birthday, we reflect on the first words of both the US Constitution and the United Nations Charter.



October 29 - "This Halloween is Something to be Sure" - Rev  Bob Janis-Dillon (United Kingdom)

A wistful, mystical celebration of the spirits that haunt our nights and grace our days, from Lou Reed to the little old lady carrying the Unicef bucket. Come dip your toe into the past that is still with us, and watch as New York City comes alive again.

November 5- Veterans Day Service - Rev. Carlos Martinez, Interim Minister

Our service will honor those who bravely stood in defense of country and principle.

November 11- Homage to Humanists - Rev. Carlos R. Martinez, Interim Minister

John Haynes Holmes was considered to be a theistic humanist. Theism and Humanism are often believed to be incompatible when in actuality they may be one in the same.

November 19 
Thanksgiving Sermon 2017
Rev. Carlos R. Martinez, Interim Minister
Join us for our annual multi-generational Thanksgiving service.

November 26 - Finding God in the Ditch - Rev. James Galasinski, Minister, Unitarian Universalist Church of Canton NY

Some UUs are a bit allergic to the word "God". But what if God was more of an adverb than a noun, a modification of action? What if divinity was the connection we have with each other as we move towards justice?  Rev. Galasinski was a recipient of our John Haynes Holmes Fellowship in 2012/13.

Christmas Eve Services – Sunday, December 24

11am Worship – Reflections on Christmas - Assembly Hall
A lay-led service embracing the spirit of the holidays sharing stories and carols.  Speakers will include John Birchall, Nafisa Degani, Joel Mandelbaum, Ellen Mandelbaum and Gisela Schilling-Chlanda.

Candle-Lighting Service – Hall of Worship, 4:30 pm
Followed by Hot Cider and Cookies

Christmas Eve Messiah Concert (25th Anniversary!) - 7:30 - 9 pm, Hall of Worship
Handel's Messiah - Christmas Portion and "Hallelujah Chorus" with a chorus of 55 and Trumpet.  Arrive by 7:15 for good seating.

December 31 - The Seven Days of Kwanzaa
Ajamu J. Ayinde, from the Unitarian Fellowship of Poughkeepsie will be our speaker. The Communal Dancers, Myrena Sint Jago and Cindy Garcia, and percussionist,  John Amira, return to celebrate this year. 





Sermons from Past Years


Sermons preached at Community Church from past years can be downloaded here.