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Other Opportunities


Other Opportunities

Diverse Gatherings

We host a variety of gatherings for the Community family. Child care and refreshments are always provided at these opportunities for fellowship and conversation. Please share your ideas for focused topics with us.

Intergenerational Activities

Throughout the year we offer many intergenerational activities which foster community: chapel worship, potlucks, neighborhood family diners, REFM Singers music program, United Nations and UU-UN Office tour, pancake brunches, Junior Seder, annual congregational Spring Retreat, Children and Youth Art Show, and so forth.

Special Celebrations

They include Halloween/UNICEF; Thanksgiving/UU Service Committee’s Guest at Your Table; Winter Holiday Party; Kwanzaa; Junior Seder; Children and Youth Art Show; and RE Sunday, a grand finale to our year.

Christmas celebration continues after the worship service

Worship is a fundamental element of this congregation and to our family ministry. There are a variety of opportunities for families to worship together here at The Community Church.

Children and youth worship with their families in the Chapel two or three times a month. These creative, diverse services help families nurture their spirituality and grow their souls. The service begins at 11:00 a.m. and lasts about twenty minutes. Following the service, our children, youth, teachers, and mentors leave for their Sunday school. Parents leave for the Hall of Worship, just in time for the weekly sermon.

In addition, there are intergenerational services throughout the year in which the entire congregation worships together for the whole service.

We invite children to participate in our Sunday school program, but parents are always welcome to keep their children with them during the worship service on any given Sunday.


As Unitarian Universalists we believe that:

• Every person is important and valuable.
• All people should be treated fairly.
• Our churches are places where we accept one another and learn from one another.
• Each person should be free to search for what is true and right.
• All people have the right to speak out and vote on things that matter to them.
• We should help build a peaceful, fair and free world.
• We need to take care of the earth, the home that we share with all living creatures.