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Our Mission

“To grow as a caring, justice-making, anti-racist, diverse, spiritual community." ~ Adopted January, 2003

Vision Statement

We, the members of The Community Church of New York Unitarian Universalist embrace the transforming vision of the "Beloved Community", a just world in which all persons can share equitably in the wealth of the world, and freely develop their gifts and potential.

We commit ourselves to provide for each other an intergenerational community of love, by embracing diversity and religious freedom, and by encouraging personal and spiritual growth through worship, social action, fellowship and education.

We commit ourselves to action in our congregation, our city, our denomination our country and our world to bring the vision of the Beloved Community to fruition.


We are a Church of the Free Spirit - from the front entrance to our Hall of Worship

Our Aim is to make a free and fearless church; seeking truth wherever it may be found, we are eager for an interpretation of religion in harmony with modern knowledge which satisfies spiritual cravings without doing injustice to intellectual common sense.

We hold that religion is one of the primal, persistent native instincts of the human mind, and that one of the best definitions of religion is "to do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with your God."

We hold that the best unifying force in church life is common service instead of common belief; that we may not believe alike, but can love alike; that a church is not merely a place to get something for oneself, but a place to do something for others.

We believe in positive religious convictions, but insist that no church or person has the right or ability to frame a statement of belief fitted to other minds; that the custom of making a creed the gateway to fellowship is an injustice to thinking minds and at variance with growing intellectual freedom

We hold that everything has its religious and ethical side; that the distinction between sacred and secular is misleading and untrue; that the whole world is sacred.

We believe in the indestructibility of moral and spiritual forces and seek to ally ourselves with them.

We affirm that personal religious growth is enriched by participation in an accepting, caring community. We invite you to worship with us and to join in the programs of the church.