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Pledge Committee


For more information about this committee, contact chair, Leonore Tiefer


CANVASS COMMITTEE CHARTER (currently is called the Pledge Committee)


The Canvas Committee is charged with:

1.) Organizing the annual Pledge Drive for the church, which shall include:

development of a time line in consultation with the Ministers, Finance Committee and Board of Trustees:
arrangements for the Canvass Dinner
theme and logo
program, presentation and entertainment
menu – caterer
flying squad for serving and clean-up
child care
invitation and response card: design, printing, and mailing
track responses and phone follow-up
brochure for canvass
securing canvass volunteers and providing training for them
structure the canvass team

2.) Working with the Church Administrator and the Membership Coordinator to identify the pledging units of the congregation, ascertain pledging patterns and identify special individual membership needs particular to the Pledge Drive.

3.) With the Membership Coordinator, track new members and canvass them.
4.) Inform the finance Committee of the status of pledge responses during the third week of April.
5.) Structure a follow-up procedure for those pledging units not reached by the conclusion of the Canvass.
6.) Design an evaluation format for the committee and for the canvassers.


A. Membership
1.) The Committee shall consist of approximately ____ voting members of the church who are willing to commit themselves to participation in the work of the committee.

2.) Committee members need to be able to spend concentrated time on the activities centered from late fall through mid-April.

3.) The Committee will assist in the training of canvassers and as well as serving as advance canvassers.

4.) The members need to be knowledgeable about the church and its mission as well as of the principles of the denomination.

5.) The members need to phase in the responsibilities of the committee so as to provide an evenly balanced sharing of the tasks.

B. Officers

1.) The Officers shall be Chair and Vice Chair, who shall share attendance at the Church Council, and a Secretary.

2.) The Chair will be recommended by the Committee on Committee and appointed by the Board of Trustees, and is limited to five one year terms.


The Committee shall meet monthly October through May and may need to increase the frequency from January through March. It will need to keep in close touch during that time.

Last review: 12/2012

Last Published: May 21, 2015 2:51 PM