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COMMITTEE ON MINISTRY aids the Ministers and the Congregation in effectively carrying out our many ministries. Chairperson: Sam Kerns via info@ccny.org


1. To aid the Ministers in carrying on an effective ministry by being available for counsel.

2. To keep the Ministers advised concerning conditions within the Congregation as they affect relations between Ministers and members, with its main thrust being to strengthen and improve relationships.

3. To interpret continually to the Congregation the nature and scope of the work of the Ministers, including clarification of role expectations for Ministers and members.

4. To consult with the Ministers and submit an annual compensation recommendation to the Board of Trustees, as indicated in the Personnel Manual.

5. To work with the Ministers on their continuing education programs, sabbatical planning, or other professional development and to advocate such plans to the Board of Trustees and Congregation.

6. To be familiar with the UU Ministers Association “Guidelines” and how they relate to the ministry.

7. To consult with the Ministers on candidates recommended for the ministerial intern and affiliate minister positions.

NOTES: The members of the Committee on Ministry are selected through consultation involving the Ministers, the current members of the Committee, the Board and the Committee on Committees and presented for Board approval. For the past few years it has been the practice that:
(a) the number of members is set at four individuals;
(b) among other qualities, they are selected so as generally to reflect the make-up of the Congregation in gender and ethnicity; and
(c) any member who becomes a Trustees then leave the Committee

Reviewed 11/92
Reviewed 11/03
Reviewed 12/12
This committee currently has no documents in the members-only area.

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Last Published: December 19, 2012 1:15 PM