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Membership Committee

Everyone is welcome to be a part of our Membership Committee!  It is a great way to get to know people and to welcome visitors.  Contact Valerie Lynch, Membership Coordinator, at vlynch@ccny.org for more information

Membership in Community Church
Any person at least thirteen years old may become a member of the Church by signing the Membership Book and following such other procedures as may be established from time to time by Membership Committee. No test, dogma, or formula of faith shall be required as a condition of membership.




The Membership Committee is charged with:
1) establishing procedures to be followed by which a person becomes a member of the church in accordance with the by laws.
2) providing the information needed by new or inactive members to become acquainted with the resources, opportunities and responsibilities of membership.
3) providing prospective members with information about membership in cooperation with the ministers, such as Path to Membership.
4) planning events to welcome and recognize new members, such as Member Recognition Sunday.
5) initiating and/or supporting special programs or events as needed to energize others in the church to be sensitive to needs of prospective and new members and to the value and importance of membership, such as Bring a Friend Sunday.
6) helping all church members to achieve personal growth by encouraging a lively interest and active participation in the church, through the sponsorship of the Caregiving Network and the Community Circles Program.


A. Membership
1) The Committee shall consist of voting members of the church who are willing to commit themselves to participation in the work of the committee.
2) Committee members should attend Sunday services frequently and be willing to volunteer to staff the Membership Book or Information Table as often as once a month if needed.
3) The members should be knowledgeable about the church and the principles of the denomination.
4) The Committee will review its membership annually in order to determine which members have become inactive.
B. Officers
1) The Officers shall be a Chairperson and a Secretary.
2) Each shall be elected annually for a one year term to begin June 1.
3) The Chairperson must meet the approval of the Committee on Committees, be appointed by the Board of Trustees and is limited to five one year terms by the by laws.


The Committee shall meet approximately monthly from October through May or as needed. It shall be responsible for maintaining coverage of the Membership Book through the summer months.

This committee currently has no documents in the members-only area.

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Last Published: December 6, 2013 5:21 PM