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The Building & Grounds Committee of CCNY is charged with the upkeep, repair and appearance of the church buildings. It supervises the maintenance of the buildings and advises the Board and Administrator of the church on building related issues. If you are interested in the work of the committee, in sharing your time and energy, or in making a donation to support the improvement of the buildings, please contact the Chair or Rev. Bruce Southworth.

In 2006 Community began working with architects to develop plans for a renovation of the Hall of Worship. Phase One of the renovation is under way, with tests of the Hall of Worship ceiling and interior brick complete, and cleaning scheduled to begin late summer or early fall 2007.

The church building has an interesting history. Its formal opening was September 26, 1948 but work on it began seventeen years earlier. The process was halted for a time during World War II, and for many years the church met at Town Hall on 42nd St. The building's design reflects the 'modernistic' style of architecture of the 1920s - 30s and the architects Magoon & Salo were influenced by the non-denominational orientation of the congregation.

In New York 1960: Architecture and Urbanism Between the Second World War and the Bicentennial the architects comment, "It is a liberal church with a membership including all creeds, races and colors. This freed us considerably from traditional stipulations." The church is also noted in a 1948 article in Interiors magazine article on 'Simplified Religious Buildings' for being "designed with an awareness of its background of tall buildings and skyscrapers."

winter garden          Bldg 28

For more on the history of the building, please see the link to the Church Tour below.

A few photos of the Hall of Worship Renovation are available. These are from late June. Click on each for an enlargement. Click "back" to return.

Bricks-BrickCleaning5Worker cleaning bricks high up on the scaffolding.

Bricks-BalconyScaffold5Side view of scaffolding.

Bricks-Scaffold5Shows full height of the scaffolding.

After Completion:

Clean-left-3852Clean left side of Sanctuary balcony

Clean-Right-3854Clean right side of Sanctuary from the balcony

Clean-Chapel-3845Clean Chapel

A tour of the current building is available here.



1. Those functions which have to do with the upkeep, repair and appearance of the church buildings.
2. Conducting an annual inspection of church buildings to determine items needing attention.
3. Creating a prioritized list of new projects of improvement and repair for the church buildings.
4. Creating a calendar of recurring building maintenance items to provide for the maintaining of the buildings in good repair.
5. Being attentive to aesthetic considerations of the buildings and developing plans which will foster a process of a continually improving the church’s appearance, both inside and outside of the buildings.
6. Inviting, developing, analyzing proposals from contractors regarding improvements and repairs, with assistance from the Administrator and Sexton.
7. Developing recommendations for necessary funding from the capital budget and/or operating budget to provide for new projects and for the calendar of recurring maintenance items and monitor expenditures.
8. Recommending to the Board creation of ad hoc subcommittees or committees to deal with planned major projects as needed.
A. Membership

The Committee shall consist of five or more members with particular interest or capability in the areas of Building and House (architecture, construction, decorating, finance, etc.). The Ministers, Church Administrator, Sexton and Chair of the Board shall serve ex officio without vote.
B. Officers

The Chairperson, subject to recommendation by the Committee on Committees, is appointed annually by the Board of Trustees for a one year term. The Chairperson must be a voting member and is limited to 5 one year terms.

The Committee shall meet periodically as necessary to meet its responsibilities, generally every 4-6 weeks.
(Usually 1st Mondays of the month)

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Last Published: February 4, 2016 5:10 PM