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Action for Justice


Action for Justice is on hiatus at this time. Any new upcoming events will be listed in Sunday announcementts.

Here are links to listen to previous events:

2012 AFJ Sunday with Chris Hedges.
    The 11am sermon: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9a8ZxtsNuc
    The Q&A at 1pm in the AH: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTXclVLrpE0

Talk given by Kimberly Phillips Fein at the AFJ Forum in February, 2013:


Who Are We?
The Action for Justice Committee is dedicated to social activism, peace and justice education, and community outreach in support of a wide variety of issues that give witness to our principles and values and help to advance the Community Church of New York's strategic goals primarily in the area of Justice Making.

How Does It Work?
Each summer we hold our planning meeting that begins the process of defining our objectives and focus for the coming church year. Because of the rapidly changing social and political scene in New York City, nationally and worldwide, the Committee can respond by adding activities focusing on these issues during the year. We welcome input from the Congregation in supporting special issues as well.

What Did We Do in Previous Years?
Supported Actions for Voter Integrity. Throughout the year, Action for Justice has supported efforts to ensure secure, verifiable voting systems and to protect the integrity of all votes.

Sponsored Religious Exploration Forums:
o A forum on the Taxes for Peace campaign in New York City to allow conscientious objectors to designate their federal taxes for non-military purposes only.
o A forum on human rights with speakers from Human Rights Watch.
o A forum on election integrity with Bo Lipari, an activist in the campaign for voter integrity in New York State.

Presented a Forum with Judge Jim Gray and Carole Eady. This forum offered new insights on why our drug laws have failed and what we can do about it.

Co-sponsored a Fund-Raising Service Auction. In cooperation with the Green Sanctuary Committee of Community Church, Action for Justice sponsored a Service Auction that brought in over $4,000.00 in donations.

Hosted the International Peace Walk. On May 1 and 2, Action for Justice hosted nearly 80 participants in the International Peace Walk that was conducted in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima.

Sunday Tabling and Letter Writing
Throughout the year, Action for Justice conducts letter-writing campaigns and provides printed information on current issues of importance in the struggle for social justice.

Ongoing Activities
Action for Justice continues to support the work of Not In Our Name by hosting Resistance Cinema, a monthly showing of documentaries on a wide variety of peace and justice issues. The committee also continues to collaborate with Interfaith Voices in events sponsored by this umbrella organization for New York area people of all faiths.

AFJ helps educate the congregation on current social and racial issues; takes direct action such as lobbying, petition letters and demonstrations on many social issues; occasionally undertakes social service projects; maintains an information bulletin board; and staffs an information table during fellowship hour on Sundays. Meets approximately monthly following the Fellowship Hour.

Recent Activities:

RESISTANCE CINEMA  - Clck here for Schedule

See the bi-monthly publication Connections and Sunday Announcements for up-to-date details of upcoming events.





To work to eliminate racism and all oppressions



We, the Action for Justice Committee of Community Church, commit ourselves to sustained and enduring effort:

- to raise awareness of the linkage between oppressions, whether racial, economic, class, or cultural, which deprive anyone of their rights or material needs;

- to provide education, resources, and encouragement for the social action and antiracism work of the Community Church of New York;

- to initiate and maintain relations with the church’s ministers, board, and council, as liaison and counsel regarding the congregation’s commitments and concerns relative to racial and social justice;

- and to proactively work, through programs, actions, and policy advocacy toward and antiracist/multicultural congregation in the Community Church of New York.





1.) AJC shall consist of any voting or non-voting members, or interested friends, who are willing to commit themselves to the objectives of the committee, and work within the guiding principles of the Community Church of New York.

2.) Members are expected to attend at least six meeting per year and to actively participate in AJC discussions, planning, and activities.

Voting Privileges

1.) All regularly-attending, active AJC members have voting privileges within the committee on general activities (those not related to church policy – see #2).

2.) Formal voting* privileges will be extended to voting members of the church who have been present at 3 consecutive meeting, and maintain active participation in the committee’s activities. (*Formal voting is defined as pertaining to: any church-related policy or action where the Church Council, Board or Congregational Strategic Plan is involved; this includes any action that reflects and/or represents the Community Church of New York.


1.) Officers shall be Chairperson (or two-Co-Chairpersons), a Recorder, and a Treasurer.
2.) Each shall be elected annually in May for a term of one year, beginning on the first of September each year.
3.) In accordance with church by-laws, the Committee on Committees shall recommend the Chairperson(s) for appointment to the Board of Trustees.

Business Procedures

1.) A quorum shall consist of one third of the voting membership of the AJC or 5 members whichever is greater.
2.) Proposals for action may be made at official meetings by AJC members and should be approved by a consensus of members present.
3.) Proposals for use of AJC monies must be approved by a majority of members at an official meeting at which a quorum and at least on AJC officer is present. The Treasurer should be present or have been consulted by the attending officer.
4.) The Charter and By-laws for the AJC will be reviewed and approved every two years by the officers and voting church members of the AJC.


The AJC shall meet once a month from September through June and will try to schedule a retreat during the summer to celebrate and plan ahead.

Approved Board of Trustees, 1/6/99

Co Chairs:  Karen Hoover

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Last Published: August 11, 2015 5:35 PM