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Community News -Summer Issue, 2014

SUNDAY MORNING WORSHIP SERVICES – 11:00 A.M.           Summer 2014


June  15 Reflections on Being a Hospital Chaplain in New York ~ Rev. Dr. Heidi Swarts, Unitarian Universalist Community Minister

June 22  Love is a Many Splendored Thing ~ Emily DeTar, UU Theological Student

June 29  Music at Community. Gerald A. Brown, Director of Music, The Community Church of New York with members of the Music
                 Committee and the Volunteer Choir

July 6      Independence Day Reflections on the Fifth Principle ~ Gregory Jones, UU Theological Student  and Community Church Member

July 13   Remember Bastille Day! ~ Rev. Dr. Orlanda Brugnola, Affiliate Minister, The Community Church of New York

July 20   At Home ~ Dr. Janice Marie Johnson, UUA Director of  Multicultural Ministries and Leadership and Community Church Member

July 27   Roughest Edges, Smoothest Skin Emily DeTar, UU Theological Student

August 3       The Sun ALWAYS Shines.... ~ Rev. Dr. Hope Johnson, UU Congregation of Central Nassau, Garden City, NY and
                       Community  Church Member

August 10     Cycles of Change, Rhythms of the Sacred ~ Gregory Jones, UU Theological Student  and Community Church Member

August 17     The Impossible Choice   ~ Daniel Gregoire, Director of Faith Development, Unitarian Society of Germantown 

August 24      What Roger Williams Has to Teach Us ~ Rev. Dr. Heidi Swarts, UU Community Minister  

August 31      Labours Lost ~ Rev. Dr. Orlanda Brugnola, Affiliate Minister, The Community Church of New York

Sept.  7          Humility, the Heart of Spirituality ~ Rev. Frank Hall, Minister Emeritus Westport, CT  

Sept. 14         Homecoming Sunday, Rev. Bruce Southworth, Senior Minister, The Community Church of New York


The Community Church of New York Unitarian Universalist

Web: Visit our website at www.ccny.org – Visit in person at 40 East 35th Street

Cable TV – Sundays at 8:30 pm:  The Community Church's Time Warner cable TV channel is 1997 

(MNN3 -Manhattan Neighborhood Network Channel 3 – Spirit Channel);  also broadcast on RCN channel 84 

and FIOS channel 35. Link for Live Streaming Information: http://www.mnn.org/live/3-spiritchannel.




 SUMMER MINISTRY                                   

Rev. Orlanda Brugnola, our Affiliate Minister, will be part of our Summer Ministry team. She is  available for pastoral care and may be contacted through the church office. 


Joining her is Gregory Jones, a member for many years now, who will begin UU Ministerial studies at Andover Newton Theological School in in the fall.  In addition to preaching twice, he will be assisting with worship on most Sundays in July and August.




  Our summer worship services will be downstairs in the air-conditioned Assembly Hall.

 Summer office hours will be 9:00 am to 5:30 pm Monday to Thursday, July 4 through August 29. The Church building will be closed on Fridays.

During July and August, Rev. Bruce Southworth will be taking time for vacation, study and planning for the next Church year.



We are always delighted to welcome new members into our church family. 


Every Sunday following the worship service, the Membership Book is available, and a member of the Membership Committee will be there to assist you. We invite all who feel at home in our church community to sign the book.



The Volunteer Choir again will provide music for Sunday Worship Service this summer. Sunday rehearsals: June 8, 15, 22, 12:45-2 pm. Sing Sunday, June 29, 11 am Music Service.

For more information, please contact our Music Director, Jerry Brown, 212-683-4988 ext. 33.



Our Shelter will be open throughout the summer, 7 days a week – thanks to the dedication and caring of our wonderful volunteers. Can you help us? Contact the Coordinators if you can volunteer even for one night (as part of a team). 


June       Bruce Foster –


July­         Fred Corden – 


August   Lisa Gluck


September           Austin Publicover




The plant gracing our pulpit is given by Odella Washington in loving memory of her sister, Mildred N. Hardy.


Summer Programs – Visit our Web Page at ccny.org


Resistance Cinema/AFJ

Sunday, June 15, 1:15 pm

 Film: TBA,  Assembly Hall

Film: God Loves Uganda

No films July/August


UU Christian Fellowship

Thursday, June 19, 7:30 pm

Front Lounge

Summer Break – July/August



Friday, June 20, 5:30 pm

Gallery/Rear Lounge


Gallery35 Closing Reception

Saturday, June 21, 6 pm 


Chair Yoga

Sundays, June 22, 29, 

July 6, 20, August 3, 17, 31

1 pm, Chapel


Yoga with Nafisa Degani

most Tuesdays, 6 pm

Saturdays 12:30 pm 

 through August 30


Life and Death Café

Thursday, June 26, 3:30 pm, Chapel


Introduction to Humanism 

Monday, June 30, 6:30 pm

Rear Lounge


Green Sanctuary – Solar Salon Friday, June 27, July 25, 

August 29, 5:30 pm, Gallery


Introduction to Meditation

Sunday, July 13, 12:30 pm, Chapel


Grief Support Group

Sundays, July 27, August 10, 24, 1 pm, Chapel


Secular Humanist Book Club 

Thursday, July 10, August 7,

7 pm, Front Lounge


First Saturday Feeding of the Hungry in the Bowery

Saturdays, June 7 July 5, and August 2, 10:45 am, Off-Site


Midsummer Messiah  

Sunday, August 3

Refreshment in the 

Assembly Hall, 12:30 pm

Singing starts promptly at 

1:00 pm ending 3:00 pm.

For more information contact our Music Director, Gerald A. Brown 212-683-4988 ext. 33.


MINISTER’S CORNER – What It Means to Build the Beloved Community


What does it mean to be part of a religious community—a liberal religious community? Answers are as varied as each member, but themes emerge.


Celebration of Life   Life is a gift.  Our days are brief.  Give Thanks! Together we celebrate with joy and humility – wanting to give something back – to heal, to help, to serve.


Interdependence – Connection – celebrating the web of Life – interconnection:  Serving purposes beyond ourselves underlies what we each can become with the fullest flowering possible.


We seek connection and personal wholeness (traditionally called salvation). These are inextricably linked. Sometimes it’s a tough balancing act for some of us – for each of us at times. 


Such wholeness is a perennial challenge in our individualistic tradition.  The poet Mary Oliver puts it this way – a centering prayer for me these days:

     “Love yourself.  Then forget it.

      Then love the world.” 


In our religious tradition, honoring the principle of the “interdependent web of existence” blesses.  In embracing the freedom to be who we are – to discover our best selves, and to grow our souls – we also honor the spark of the divine we share. We honor our kinship with, and our obligations to, each other (and to everyone, everywhere!)  

Yes, to everyone, everywhere! The summons to be servants of 

justice beckons.


Spiritual Curiosity We seek principles to guide our living. Religious traditions from around the world inform our lives, and we weave them with the lessons of history, science, art, and literature—all realms of human endeavor and daily experience.


Meaning-making anchors our daily lives, even if not always with certainty. Questions are welcomed rather than scorned.


The searching, critical, appreciative mind leads to self-understanding and affirms core values of caring, compassion and just action. The result:  paths to spiritual health and a better world – and a less lonely world with kindred spirits close at hand.


Shared Strength Here kindred spirits work at trusting Life's goodness and beauty.  In some good measure, we realize we can overcome our fears of its pain and heartache.  We offer each other comfort and hope.  Here we help transform the world. We reclaim the health within us.


For me, these elements of religious community (which are by no means exhaustive) distinguish the liberal religious adventure. For me, they are absolutely essential for my life.  


Living them is not always easy. Spiritual health is a challenge in our world of seductions and distractions. Yet, out of such community arise courage, hope and vision. I share with you again words of my colleague, Rev. Greta Crosby:

Ultimately our trust is in the spirit that will not be quelled forever, that rises up in people from some mysterious source, energy that comes again to affirm that people matter, their needs and aspirations matter, and that the conditions of 

people's flourishing is the cultivation of Truth and Love.


The Cultivation of Truth and Love  In embracing our vision, we plant and tend the seeds of truth and love, and thus truly, with joy we shall grow in spirit and help build the Beloved Community. 

                                Faithfully, Bruce


IF YOU ARE . . .

If you are looking for a religious community in which to seek spiritual growth. . .

If you are eager to consider religious questions with others who are not always certain they have all the answers, but who are determined to keep searching for them…

If you would like the fellowship of others for celebration and worship, discussion and education, friendship and mutual support…

If you want children to be helped to develop their own religious beliefs. . .

If you wish to preserve and extend the traditions of personal freedom, and social justice and human dignity against the dangers they face today…

You should get to know us.  Let us get to know you!






SUMMER SERVICES 2014 — Sundays at 11:00 A.M.


PRELUDE              (Our worship service begins with the prelude. We invite you to enjoy and add to the quiet out of which the music                                                 arises.)







AFFIRMATION (Spoken in unison)

Unto the Church Universal, which is the depository of all ancient wisdom and the school of all modern thought; which recognizes in all prophets a harmony, in all scriptures a unity, and through all dispensations a continuity; which abjures all that separates and divides and always magnifies humanity and peace: which seeks truth in freedom, justice in love, and individual discipline in social duty; and which shall make of all persons, sects, classes, nations and races, one Beloved Community – unto this Church and unto all its members, known and unknown throughout the world we pledge the allegiance of our hands and hearts.



                From all that dwell below the skies,

                Let words of love and peace arise; 

                Alleluia, Alleluia

                Let joyful songs of praise be sung

                Through every land by every tongue.

                                                Alleluia.... Amen
























Following the service, please join us for Fellowship Hour.