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Community News - April 19-26, 2015


Sunday, April 19, 2015    Morning Worship 11 a. m.

“The Way of Life”

Rev. Bruce Southworth

This morning I return to spiritual wisdom from Taoism as part of our celebrations of Universal Religion. See you at Community!

                                                How can one’s life keep its course

                                                If you will not let it flow?

                                                Those who flow as life flows know

                                                They need no other force:

                                                They feel no wear; they feel no tear, 

                                                They need no mending, no repair.

                                                “The Way of Life” ~ Lao Tzu


Sunday, April 26, 2015    Morning Worship 11 a. m.

“Peace and Wild”

Rev. Bruce Southworth

“A portion of the truth bright and sublime, lives in every moment in every mind.”

                                                                                                Ralph Waldo Emerson

In addition to Emerson (and Winnie the Pooh), one of the provocations for my sermon this morning reflects part of my deepest faith as offered by the poet Shelley:

                                                “Wild Spirit, which art moving everywhere,

                          Destroyer and preserver…

With or without declarations of faith in God, what is trustworthy, healing, sustaining?   

See you at Community! 



12:45 pm Pathways  Let’s Get Acquainted – Rev. Bruce Southworth – Conference Room

We invite you to a small group conversation with Rev. Bruce Southworth, our Senior Minister. He will offer an introduction to Unitarian Universalism and history of Community Church. Bring your questions! Visitors and New Members are welcome.


Sunday School 

Our childrens and teachers begin 

in the Chapel at 11 a.m. 


Fellowship Hour – Assembly Hall – 12:15 p.m.

Please join us after worship.


Community Women

Play – “Winter Wheat”

Sun., Apr. 19, 1:15 pm


Yoga with Nafisa Degani

Tues., Apr. 21, 6:00 pm


Jewish Opera Lecture/Seminar

Wed., Apr. 22, 2:00 pm


Henry George School

Wed., Apr. 22, 6:00 pm


Henry George School

Thrs., Apr. 23, 6:00 pm


Yoga with Nafisa Degani 

Sat., Apr. 25, 12:30 pm


Gallery35 Closing Reception 

Sat.,  Apr. 25, 5:00 pm


Pathways – Let’s Get Acquainted

with Rev. Bruce Southworth

Sun., Apr. 26, 12:45 pm


Studying Humanism

Mon., Apr. 27, 6:30 pm


Social Tea

Tue., April 28, 2:00 pm


Yoga with Nafisa Degani

Tues., Apr. 28, 6:00 pm


Henry George School

Wed., Apr. 29, 6:00 pm


Henry George School

Thrs., Apr. 30, 6:00 pm



Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens. ~ Carl Jung

The lower grades are using the curriculum Windows and Mirrors, and are exploring what it to listen to their heart. We are using the metaphor of  “mirrors and windows” as a creative means to for each child to appreciate looking inward and to looking outward. The “mirror” activities encourage their own self-awareness and where they can see their selves reflected. Other activities encourage looking outward, and they explore the differences among us, this is “the window” metaphor that represents the greater community.

In the weeks ahead we will consider our own ways of looking, of paying attention of looking with the heart.  How do you look inward?  Where do you look and where do you not?  Through these questions we all can learn about our self-understanding and how it affects the way we understand the greater community.   

Paz, Esther



SUNDAY–April 19

  9:30 am               Choir Rehearsal

11:00 am              Worship Service

11:00 am              Sunday School

12:15 pm              Fellowship Hour

12:45 pm              Volunteer Choir Rehearsal


6:00 pm Board of Trustees

SUNDAY–April 26

  9:30 am               Choir Rehearsal

11:00 am              Worship Service

11:00 am              Sunday School

12:15 pm              Fellowship Hour


  9:30 am               Choir Rehearsal

11:00 am              Worship Service

11:00 am              Sunday School

12:15 pm              Fellowship Hour

12:45 pm              Volunteer Choir Rehearsal


Minister’s Corner ~ Being a Unitarian Universalist – And Joining!

Joining a church such as ours comes easily for some, while for others there is a lengthier discernment process that leads to this powerful commitment.  


Morris Schweber had attended for more than forty years with his wife Julia, a long-time member, before taking the leap!  


“Why now?” I asked him.  He responded, “It’s time.” 


Others feel at home quickly and join within a few weeks. 


We provide various opportunities in your Path to Membership, from brief information sessions (with the next one April 26) to a three-session series.


I have long appreciated words by my colleague John W. Cyrus who reflects upon why he was a Unitarian Universalist. I share them as further encouragement for those considering joining and as reminders for all of us about our thoughtful, spirited religious path.



Why I Became A Unitarian Universalist  

John W. Cyrus (1911-1981)


I was one before I became one – I discovered a new kind of seriousness about religion which did not embarrass me and a new kind of humor about religion which didn’t embarrass me either.

 I discovered a new kind of talking and a new kind of listening, and a new kind of critical thinking. All these new kinds were not really new to me, of course. But it was a great discovery,  just the same. 

I can go on. 

I discovered a new view of the Bible, a new view of death, a new kind of appreciation of life. 

I discovered the religious value of doubt.

All these discoveries came together in a new kind of freedom in religion, which wasn’t really new except to me. 

I found I belonged for the first time without being just like everybody else, which I had never been able to be no matter how hard I tried. 

Now I do not try any more to be either like everybody or different from everybody. But life and religion don’t end with that remarkable achievement. 

There remains a self to be known, a more significant communion with others to be entered into, a world to be explored, and working beliefs to be won which may sustain me through the coming years.

Being a Unitarian Universalist keeps me alive and attentive to those further directions of growth, or being a Unitarian Universalist is my aliveness to these directions of growth.


The earth is our Mother.

We must take care of her.

  Ojibway/Cree Earth Mother Song


great power flows from us

luminous, a promise. Yes!... Then

great energy flows from solitude,

and great power from communion.

                    Denise Levertov



The growing good of the world 

is partly dependent on unhistoric acts; and that things are not so ill with you and me as they might have been, is half owing to the number who lived faithfully a hidden life, and rest in unvisited tombs.

George Eliot (Marian Evans)



What the minister must try to do is to evoke in men and women an authentic religious vision for their lives, trying to awaken to those qualities without which life is barren and clarify to them those loyalties without which life is a betrayal.

Rev. John W. Cyrus


“Common Sense Jesus”

Sermon Brief – Palm Sunday, March 29, 2015

… Jesus gave himself to something far larger than his own private desires and aspirations.  He gave 

himself to Life, to Creativity, to divinity, to God, to the mystery at the heart of things that creates new life again, again, and again…

Today, the interpretations of who Jesus was and what he preached and taught – these interpretations vary greatly.  I keep returning to those images of the one who was mirroring the sacred light within each of us, extending radical hospitality, and proclaiming a prophetic witness to compassion and justice… the militant mystic.

His followers’ stories about him and his teachings offer much that is often hidden by centuries of theologizing: 

“Simply to be is a blessing….”  Common sense!

Return to the centering moment. “We own nothing and must share everything.”

We live amidst our compromises, trying to narrow the gap between our neediest selves and our best selves. As we are, we live torn by doubts, loneliness, confusion and in pain from our wounds, and Jesus said something like:

Return to the centering moment. Give thanks… even in your heartache.

Love yourself… Love your neighbor… Love God… Love Life.

Help others… Serve others… Share… Share everything. 

Take a stand… Give back.  Love… Love… Share… Serve… Let go… Let go.

He would say, "You are precious, a child of this universe, of God, and wounded or healed, poor or rich, there is more light within you." Fire and tenderness in him… and in each one of us….

Jesus once said, or is said to have said, "Straight is the way, and narrow is the gate, and few there be that find it."

"But all of us can." (Quoting Rev. Dr. Duncan Littlefair with thanks)  

Rev. Bruce Southworth

Full Text of Sermon: Common Sense Jesus