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Purposes of The Community Church Of New York


The following are The Church Purposes as expressed in our By-Laws:

•To affirm individual freedom of belief and freedom of the pulpit;
•To strengthen and enrich one another in a free yet disciplined search for truth;
•To cherish and spread the wisdom of the great prophets and teachers from every age and tradition;
•To provide a religious education program consistent with our purposes;
•To strengthen liberal religion through support of the Unitarian Universalist Association and the International Association of Religious Freedom;
•To affirm, defend and promote the supreme worth and dignity of all people;
•To practice open and democratic procedures in our Church, and promote the full participation of all — without regard to race, color, sex, sexual orientation, age, class, faith, or national origin;
•To learn together to live more empathetic, compassionate and loving lives within and beyond the Church community; and
•To respond to our times in the light of our faith, by participating creatively in the eradication of political, economic and social ills, and implementing a vision of one world by striving for a world community secure in peace, free from oppression, and with a minimum level of well-being for all.