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Do Justice

Doing justice in the world is an integral part of our history and tradition here at The Community Church of New York. We encourage the personal spiritual growth of our members and seek to create a more just society and world. Find out more...

Recent Justice Making Events

Backpacks for the Street
We were a sponsor for the organization. Backpacks for the homeless were assembled in our Gallery

UN & Global Affairs honors and hosts activities on global multilateralism and the UN's three pillars of work - development, human rights, peace and security.

Green Sanctuary
Recent Environmrntal Program - Link Here

Yemen, Left to Die - UNGA Forum
Yemeni guests from a range of NGOs helped us gain  direct understanding from unique personal and professional views. We learned what is behind the crisis, what is happening now, and how we can help. See these Facbook links for more information for Feed Yemen.

2018 - Time Served!
2019 - We Bend Not Break
2019 - Silent Cry Diiner
Gallery35 @ Community presented art exploring the issue of overcoming the challenges facing those released from prison who are seeking new beginnings in the larger community.  Partnered with CSSNY's conference  Full Participation is a Human Right that was held at Community Church.

Community Church Concert
to Benefit
St Vincent Sevices for CHildren with AIDS
Jonathan Long performs


Doolittle Grants - Information

John Haynes Holmes Fellowships
Scholarships for UU Seminarians


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Doolittle Grants - Older Reports

2014/2015 Grants Report:

Please read the article below (published in Community Connections, October, 2015) to learn about the organizations receiving new grants:

The Ethelwyn Doolittle Justice and Outreach Fund - A Vital Contribution to World Justice

by Rose Crayton, Chair

Each year the Community Church of New York through the Ethelwyn Doolittle Justice and Outreach Fund awards grants to charitable organizations outside of the Community Church that provide essential community services. These organizations must provide direct assistance or advocacy to designated communities in need. Their work must also fall within the areas of human rights, civil liberties, racial justice and/or environmental concerns.  All organizations must have current 501.c. 3 designations. After careful consideration and deliberation, new grants were awarded in 2015 to the following organizations:



New Organizations

NYC New Sanctuary Coalition

The Grant is to be used toward the Executive Director’s salary.  NYCNSC’s Executive Director, Ravi Ragbir, has been critical for the success and development of many of their programs.  NYCNSC advocates on behalf of, and provides aid to, illegal immigrants who, after residing in the US for an extended period, are facing deportation.  NYCNSC especially focuses on families which would be broken apart by, for example, the deportation of a parent with US-born children.  Ravi Ragbir has been crucial to the success of NYCNSC’s many programs which, with his guidance and energy, will continue to positively impact the lives of underrepresented illegal immigrants and (when applicable) their US-citizen family members.

Jewish Voice for Peace

The grant will be used to fund JVP’s Free Speech Defense Project.  This project works to promote and facilitate open communication within the Jewish community, as well as between the Jewish and non-Jewish communities, regarding the Israeli/Palestinian conflict in the Middle East. The ultimate goal of increasing open discussion is a mutually beneficial peace.  JVP especially focuses on de-stigmatizing criticism of Israel’s policies and promoting a clear distinction between non-anti-Semitic criticism of Israel’s role in the Middle East conflict and anti-Semitism, as such criticism is often mislabeled and stigmatized.  JVP is committed to supporting the use of the freedom of speech we enjoy in America to build inter-communal ties and advocate for peace in the Middle East on terms equally beneficial to all.

Murray Grove Retreat and Renewal Center

Murray Grove is a peaceful place that allows guests to disconnect from the concerns of their everyday lives. It is located on twenty lovely, partially wooded acres bordering a two hundred acre wildlife preserve with nature trails. This year's grant will contribute to the creation of rain guards to protect its buildings and grounds from flooding and to educate people about environmentally sound and sustainable way of preventing flood damage.  As the birthplace of Universalism in America, Murray Grove has special importance for Unitarian Universalists.

United Palestinian Appeal, Inc.

The United Palestinian Appeal works to alleviate the suffering of Palestinians, especially those in the West Bank, Gaza, and refugee camps throughout the Middle East.  It focuses on works in three main sectors; health and welfare; education; and community development.  The grant is be used to fund  “Gaza Through A Child’s Eyes”, a collection of 30 framed drawings made by Palestinian children in the wake of Israel’s assault and invasion of the Gaza in 2008 and 2009, which razed 4,000 homes and killed more than 1,400 Palestinians, including 352 children. The exhibit will raise awareness of the origin of children’s mental health issues in order to generate interest in future mental health projects. 

Grace Outreach

This agency works to combat the educational and employment disparities faced by low-income, non-high school degreed women in the Bronx.  They seek to offer educational opportunities by providing academic and career pathways as well as supportive mentors and networks with the ultimate impact being to change the patterns of poverty and dependency.  Grace Outreach has operated from 2004, has healthy finances and a strong board.  The grant will be used for general support of their programs.

Doctors Without Borders

This agency works to provide medical care for millions of people in nearly 70 countries who turn to them for help.  There are always numerous emergencies.  Current to the agency are emergencies in South Sudan, Central African Republic and Syria.  Since 1980 the organization has treated over 100 million people.  This grant will, as most donations, go directly into program services to continue this work.

Imani House

It’s goal is to assist marginalized youth and families to create vibrant neighborhoods where residents are decision makers and take responsibility for improving their lives.  Imani House and has been for the forefront of Ebola eradication efforts and combatting illiteracy in Liberia and in Brooklyn, New York.  The grant is to be used for the Ebola Education and Outreach Project.  It will allow Imani House to train at least 10 community volunteers, who will travel over a mapped area to teach house hold members how to avoid, respond to and report suspected Ebola cases.

The Innocence Project

The Innocence Project is a national litigation and public policy organization dedicated to exonerating wrongfully convicted people through DNA testing and reforming the criminal justice system to prevent future injustice.  The IP provides pro bono post-conviction representation to people whose claims of innocence might be proven by DNA testing of forensic evidence.  The grant will help them continue to free the innocent, support the recently exonerated, and do even more to create a justice system that is truly worthy of the name.

Renewals from 2014


Lawyers Without Borders                                                               Bronx Freedom Fund

Unitarian Universalists for Justice in the Middle East                        Negro Aviators International, Inc.

First Friends Corp. of N.J. & N.Y.                                                    Correctional Association Of  NY


Memberships for 2015

In addition to its grant making responsibilities, the EDJOF Committee develops an annual list of organizations to receive a “Congregational Membership Support” check.  The following organizations were awarded membership grants for 2015:

The Ali Forney Center

Center for Constitutional Rights

Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, Inc.

Empire State Pride Agenda

Empire State Pride Agenda

Fortune Society

Interfaith Assembly for Homelessness and Housing

Interfaith Alliance

Interfaith IMPACT of New York State

Murray Hill Neighborhood Association

NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund Inc.

NAACP National Headquarters

New York Civil Liberties Union

Queens Pride House

Unitarian Universalist Service Committee

Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office

Unitarian Universalist Women's Federation


Older reports are below:


2013/2014 Grants Report:

The following organizations received renewed grants:

World Fellowshi p Center, African Services Committee, The Dialogue Project, Center For Global Justice, College And Community Fellowship and Public Private Alliance Foundation

Please read the article below (published in Community Connections, September, 2014) to learn about the organizations receiving new grants:

The Ethelwyn Doolittle Justice and Outreach Fund - A Vital Contribution to World Justice

by Rose Crayton, Chair

Each year the Community Church of New York through the Ethelwyn Doolittle Justice and Outreach Fund awards grants to charitable organizations outside of the Community Church that provide essential community services. These organizations must provide direct assistance or advocacy to designated communities in need. Their work must also fall within the areas of human rights, civil liberties, racial justice and/or environmental concerns.  All organizations must have current 501.c. 3 designations. After careful consideration and deliberation, new grants were awarded in 2014 to the following organizations:

Lawyers Without Borders – to create and provide programs to prevent and end human trafficking and exploitation through education.  The program is designed to educate at-risk individuals about how to avoid becoming victims and high-risk communities about how to report human trafficking or exploitation.

The Community Service Society of N.Y. – to provide funding for CSS’s mentorship programs. The program provides mentoring to children and youth whose parents are incarcerated and/or who are currently in alternatives to detention programs, focusing on breaking cycles of actual or potential recidivism and on acquiring academic and social skills.

Unitarian Universalists for Justice in the Middle East – to assist the UUJME in its efforts to educate Unitarian Universalist congregations about the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict, the associated humanitarian issues, and the ways in which UUs may play more active roles in bringing about peace, security, equality, and dignity for all concerned.

First Friends Corp. of N.J. & N.Y. – to assist in providing services to immigrants in detention and asylum seekers seeking release into the community. The funding is to be used for general support of their program for immigrant communities and to help expand theirnetwork by recruiting and deploying more volunteers.

WBAI, FM is the singular listener-supported progressive radio station surviving in NYC. It is a voice for under-represented communities. The grant is to be used for general operating support that will contribute to their transmitter fees and keep WBAI broadcasting on the air.

Bronx Freedom Fund is the first licensed charitable bail organization in New York State. The grant is to assist the charity in providing bail assistance to indigent Bronx residents allowing them to

return home to their families, win better dispositions of their cases, and avoid the serious consequences of jail time.

Negro Aviators International, Inc. was founded in 1967 by members of the Tuskegee Airmen to increase opportunities for young men and women less likely to be exposed to careers in aviation. The grant will specifically assist in funding the July "Days in the Woods" program for youth ages 8-12 years. The program is eclectic, educational, and inclusive of cultural, scientific and environmental projects and will reach about 200 inner-city low-income youth.

Interfaith Impact of NYS is a statewide coalition of congregations and individuals from many faith traditions working to encourage progressive religious advocacy with State Legislature, Executive Chamber and State agencies. The grant is to provide both a stipend to an IINYS Foundation Outreach Coordinator as well as print and web-based resources to connect with UU congregations across the state to build the state advocacy network.

Correctional Association Of NY monitors conditions in the New York State prisons and engages in advocacy to reform the criminal justice system. This award is to be used for their "Raise the Age" campaign to move children under 18 out of the adult justice and prison system; advocacy aiming to improve safety for children in the system; JJP's Safe Passages leadership program for system involved LGBTQ youth and the Safety Initiative.

Nominations forms for next year will be available on Community’s website by mid-September. The Committee’s aim is to objectively review and respond to each nomination and application accordingly.


Other Doolittle Documents:

Doolitlle Grant Report 2011/2012

RIF 2011/12 Grant Report

The Community Church of New York Unitarian Universalist
Ethelwyn Doolittle Justice and Outreach Fund

New Grant Recipients 2009-2010

Bridge Street Development Corp.
Active since 1995 the Bridge Street Development Corp., a faith-based organization, builds partnerships with businesses, government and other community stakeholders to provide civic and economic opportunities to residents in Central Brooklyn. One area of BSDC's experience is real estate having developed over 500 units of affordable housing, including home ownership units. Two years ago the city appointed BSDC as interim administrator of a 52-unit Section 8 subsidized complex at 300 Putnam Avenue.  This rental property was in severe disrepair creating deplorable living conditions for the existing residents, many of whom were single mothers dependent on government assistance. BSDC has been renovating the apartments targeted for low and moderate-income families.  The Doolittle Grant will partially support the salary of BSDC's Community organizer working with very low-income residents to empower themselves.

NYC New Sanctuary Coalition
The NYC New Sanctuary Coalition, which CCNY joined in 2009, is the NYC branch of the national interfaith New Sanctuary Movement.  Its mission is to stand with and support the estimated 12 million undocumented immigrants who now live in the United States without any way to legalize their status, especially those who have lived here for many years and have families that include US citizen spouses and children. Nearly 3-dozen congregations and faith-based organizations participate in the NYC Coalition and are working to resist unjust deportations, encouraging discourse about immigration and reform of the US's flawed immigration policy.  The Coalition plans to use this Grant along with other funding sources to expand its staff structure.
Wings for Youth, Inc.
Founded in 2008 by a resident of the Bedford Stuyvesant community, Wings for Youth provides a Dropout/Prison Prevention Program and a Mentoring Program to address the high dropout/incarceration/homicide rate amongst male, minority, 'at risk' youth in the local community.   Wings for Youth plans to expand its after school youth mentoring services (held at local churches) from 1 day a week to
5 days a week with a goal of decreasing contact with law enforcement and increasing school attendance for participating youth.  This Grant will be directed towards:  a gently used program van for transporting youth and trips, recreational and sports items, food for youth while at the programs and facility costs.

Grant Renewals

African Activist Archive Project
$2,000  (2007-08 Grant - $5,000, 2008-09 Grant - $2,500)
The African Activist Archive Project, in cooperation with the African Studies Center at Michigan State University, works to locate and preserve the rich record of activities of U.S. organizations and individuals that supported African struggles against colonialism, apartheid and social injustice during the second half of the 20th century.  Project director, Richard Knight, worked for more than two decades for the American Committee of Africa (ACOA), which initially had an office at CCNY and has had a decades long association with Community Church.  Rev. Donald Harrington help found ACOA.  A central part of the project involves building an extensive website as a key resource for scholars, students, teachers, activists and historians.  This grant provides continuing support for the Archive.

Citizen Soldier – Alternatives to Militarism, Inc
$2,500  (2008-09 Grant - $5,000)
Citizen Soldier has worked for almost forty years to reduce the influence of militarism on our society and government.  Its roots are in the anti Vietnam war movement.  Citizen Soldier does not oppose all use of military force but favors always exploring every other option first.  The thrust of its program is that supporting active duty soldiers who stand up for their civil and human rights, including resistance to illegal orders, is an effective way to challenge militarism.   Projects planned for 2010 include:  working with Iraq Veterans Against War and Vets for Peace to organize regional and local "self help" meetings; organizing a National Conference on the crisis in Veterans' mental health care;  and continuing to work with GI organizing projects.

Iris House, Inc
$7,500  (2008-09 Grant - $5,000)
Iris House, founded in 1992, is the nation's first HIV/AIDS agency to provide family focused services to women of color infected and affected by HIV.  Iris House opened its doors in East Harlem with a 3 person staff and has grown to an organization offering award-winning, comprehensive services delivered by more than 40 caring staff members.  Some of these services include:  food and nutrition, case management, housing, prevention programs, counseling and support groups, and advocacy. Last year's Doolittle grant was used by Iris House to help finance client transportation costs for its Food and Nutrition Program.

September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows - La’Onf Campaign
$2,500  (2008-09 Grant - $2,500)
September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows was founded by family members of those killed on 9/11 who have united to turn grief into action for peace and justice.  Peaceful Tomorrows advocates nonviolent actions in pursuit of justice, reconciliation and breaking the the cycles of violence engendered by war and terrorism.  Peaceful Tomorrows is working to build support for the inspiring Iraqi Nonviolence Network called La'Onf (Arabic for "No Violence").   This was done in 2009 through:  media, speaking engagements, events, educational and outreach materials aimed at western audiences about La'Onf's recent activities and achievements.  Last year's Doolittle grant helped make it possible for one of La'Onf's representatives to tour the US and meet members of human rights, peace and justice organizations. This grant will continue support for La'Onf's efforts to attain both peace and self-determination for Iraq.

The Sienna Project
$5,000  (2008-09 Grant - $10,000)
The Sienna Project was created in 2006 by members and ministers of the Unitarian Society of Ridgewood NJ and All Souls Unitarian Church in Tulsa OK.  The project was named as a living memorial to Sienna, Reverend Marlin Lavanhar's 3 year old daughter who died suddenly and unexpectedly in 2006. The Sienna Project is committed to building five schools in five years for Mayan children in the mountains of Guatemala.  Prior to 2009 two schools had already been built.  In 2009 eight volunteers and villagers in Rio Mactzul built a two classroom building which has overflowed with students and a third classroom addition is planned.   In 2010 the Sienna Project has committed to constructing a three-room school in Chuguexa IV.  Grant funds will be directed primarily towards purchasing building materials.
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