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Do Justice

Doing justice in the world is an integral part of our history and tradition here at The Community Church of New York. We encourage the personal spiritual growth of our members and seek to create a more just society and world. Find out more...

Recent Justice Making Events

Backpacks for the Street
We were a sponsor for the organization. Backpacks for the homeless were assembled in our Gallery

UN & Global Affairs honors and hosts activities on global multilateralism and the UN's three pillars of work - development, human rights, peace and security.

Green Sanctuary
Recent Environmrntal Program - Link Here

Yemen, Left to Die - UNGA Forum
Yemeni guests from a range of NGOs helped us gain  direct understanding from unique personal and professional views. We learned what is behind the crisis, what is happening now, and how we can help. See these Facbook links for more information for Feed Yemen.

2018 - Time Served!
2019 - We Bend Not Break
Gallery35 @ Community presented art exploring the issue of overcoming the challenges facing those released from prison who are seeking new beginnings in the larger community.  Partnered with CSSNY's conference  Full Participation is a Human Right that was held at Community Church.

Community Church Concert
to Benefit
St Vincent Sevices for CHildren with AIDS
Jonathan Long performs


Doolittle Grants - Information

John Haynes Holmes Fellowships
Scholarships for UU Seminarians


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Shareholder Activism


Community Church of New York Unitarian Universalist - Shareholder Activism


Community Church has a reputation for being an activist church, and with good reason. You may be aware of member and group activities on, for example, becoming a green sanctuary or fighting for immigrant rights. But did you know that we also use our investment assets to further our mission as a "caring, justice-making, anti-racist, diverse, spiritual community"?  Since 1992, Community has partnered with our wealth management firm, Walden Asset Management, to lead shareholder activist strategies to ensure our money is invested in the most socially responsible way possible. On June 26, the Board invited Timothy Smith of WAM to provide an overview as to how our funds are used to further Community's mission. Below is a letter from Mr. Smith that highlights how Community Church uses our investments to lead by example.

Report (Sept 2013) - The Impact of Sustainable and Responsible Investment

Article - Community Church of New York Continues a History ofLeadership as a Responsible Investor & Shareholder Advocate
 by Timothy Smith, Walden Asset Management
Appears in Community Connections - Septemeber 2013

Community Church has co-filed the following shareholder resolutions with companies in which we are invested.
Summary notes are from Mr. Smith of Walden Asset Management.  Click on links to read the entire resolutions.

UPS  (United Parcel Service) - Community Church co-filed a resolution to UPS "seeking lobby disclosure, as the company still refuses to reveal its lobbying through trade associations. UPS also continues to support ALEC, which is works to challenge renewable energy regulations at state levels."

ACN  (Accenture) - Community Church cofiled "with Accenture seeking lobbying disclosure. The resolution received a respectable 31% of the vote last year but the company did not agree to more transparency in its lobbying disclosure . And as a Board member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce which is vigorously against environmental legislation, (to the degree that they even sue the EPA for being proactive on climate change and Greenhouse Gases, we believe this double standard should be challenged"

EMR  (Emerson) - Community Church cofiled the resolution with Walden Asset Management  "seeking Sustainability Reporting by Emerson Electric. This is the 4th year we have filed this resolution so we win awards for determination.  We appreciate the continuing coalition of investors , ( over  20) , joining together to continue to press Emerson on climate and sustainability issues."

IBM - On September 19, Community Church co-sponsored a resolution requesting that IBM disclose their lobbying practices, including sharing company policy and procedures governing direct and indirect lobbying practices, payments IBM makes for lobbying, and IBM's membership in lobbying groups.

JPM - (JPMorgan Chase): Community Church co-filed a shareholder resolution requesting that JPMorgan Chase disclose company policy toward lobbying, payments used for lobbying, JPMorgan's membership in and payments to tax exempt organizations that write or endorse model legislation, and descriptions of the decision making process and Board management process of these procedures.


Last Published: October 11, 2013 1:17 PM