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Do Justice

Doing justice in the world is an integral part of our history and tradition here at The Community Church of New York. We encourage the personal spiritual growth of our members and seek to create a more just society and world. Find out more...

Recent Justice Making Events

Backpacks for the Street
We were a sponsor for the organization. Backpacks for the homeless were assembled in our Gallery

Yemen, Left to Die - UNGA Forum
Yemeni guests from a range of NGOs helped us gain  direct understanding from unique personal and professional views. We learned what is behind the crisis, what is happening now, and how we can help. See these Facbook links for more information for Feed Yemen.

Time Served! - Art Exhibit
Gallery35 @ Community presented art exploring the issue of overcoming the challenges facing those released from prison who are seeking new beginnings in the larger community.  Partnered with CSSNY's conference  Full Participation is a Human Right that was held at Community Church.


Doolittle Grants - Information

John Haynes Holmes Fellowships
Scholarships for UU Seminarians


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Green Sanctuary

Green Sactuary Committee
Films, lectures and book studies are scheduled throughout the year.  See the bi-monthly publication Connections and Sunday Announcements for up-to-date infomation.

Chair: Gusti Bogok
Regional representative to the UU-Ministry for Earth: Reena Kondo

Our next event:

What the FCC Won’t Tell You About the Dangers of 5G
Tuesday, February 12, 6 pm, Gallery
Have you heard the hype about the marvels of the “Internet of Things” that uses 5G Technology for voice-controlled appliances, faster streaming, and self-driving cars? Is 5G Technology really in the people’s interest, or is it more about enabling Big Telecom to compete with cable companies for the live-stream market? Guest Speaker: Patricia Wood, founder and Executive Director of an award winning non-profit— Grassroots Environmental Education (GEE). 



As stated in April, 2014 by Rajendra K. Pachauri, Chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), regarding The IPCC’s Working Group III Report on Climate Change:

“What comes out very clearly from this report is the fact that the high speed mitigation train would need to leave the station soon and all of global society would have to get on board if we really want to bring about a limitation of temperature increase to no more than 2 degrees Celsius.”



Green Sanctuary Future Visions Film Series has been discontinued for now.


We invite you to read several articles by chair, Gusti Bogok

Radon Gas in Your Home

13 Arrested at Spectra Rally

Please consider taking the Green Sanctuary Renewable Energy & Efficiency Pledge - Click here to learn more

Last Published: February 5, 2019 6:14 PM